Does the Online Course Programme require any traveling?
No travel or contact sessions are required! The student is able to complete each consecutive module leading to course completion entirely online. This allows students the flexibility to study at times best suited to their individual schedules and enables students to balance work, studies and other responsibilities. Once enrolled, the student can access the modules at any time via a laptop, or other digital device and an Internet connection from home, work or other convenient locations to suit the student.

Do the Online Course Programmes require contact with other students?
No! Students, however, are not isolated while completing their studies, in fact, the online course programmes are designed to be a highly interactive learning environment. While immersed in their studies, students will be able to share their perspectives and participate in topical discussions with a cohort of fellow students. Faculty staff are fully supportive and available for questions while providing assignments and guiding instruction using various technologies. Students can experience both the reward of an accredited executive business qualifications without setting foot on a campus. However, students may also exercise a blended-learning option during the final BBA/MBA Top-Up academic phase when they may physically access campus facilities the university institution as a normally registered student.

What technology is required to study online?
The EduCatis Online Learner Management System incorporates a number of technologies including Moodle, WordPress and in-house developed learning and data platforms that supports a wide variety of browsers and web-enabled devices. This  allow students, lecturers and faculty to access online courses content from anywhere in the world including a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A reliable internet connection, a modern web-browser and basic computer skills are needed which should include operational knowledge of Email and File Management (MS-Outlook) and a web-browser such as Internet Explorer. Students will be required to access and/or download PDF and video documents. The EduCatis Online Learner Management System (EOLMS) is very easy to operate and all study materials, message systems and online evaluation can be accessed  with the click of a mouse button. 

What is meant by an Accelerated Study Programme (ASP)?
The duration of an academic programme obviously depends on the specific course registered for. Certificate courses may be completed in days while Bachelor and Masters degree programmes require a long-term commitment. Due to the fact that EduCatis follows an academic schedule linked to its international collaborating award and university partners students are able to complete their studies in a shortened period of time which is solely determined by the efforts and commitment of the individual student who may proceed to the next module/course as soon as he/she has successfully completed the current module/course. 
Students are also exempted from unnecessary interruptions associated with university holidays, socio-political unrest or boycott actions and are not burdened by travel costs and interruptions in public transport.    

Are the Courses/Programmes NQF-Rated (SA Students) 
Short Learning Programmes (Skills Training) are classified as business, management or leadership development programmes and does not lead to a formal qualification on the South African National Qualification Framework (NQF). However, the Bachelor (Diploma, Higher-Diploma & Graduate Diploma) and Masters (Post-Graduate Diploma) Degree Programmes and academic programmes of EduCatis are orientated to and aligned with international academic qualification frameworks that meet the academic standards and requirements prescribed by university institutions in the UK, USA, Australia and/or government regulated award bodies such as the UK-Ofqual and USA-CHEA. In some instances Short Learning Programmes are credit-bearing as foundational requirement to access the Graduate Degree Programme at Bachelor and Masters level.

What does Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) entail?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) refers to a process where the normal entry requirements associated with an academic programme is allowed to be overruled in order to obtain access to the specific academic programme or where an alternative requirement pathway has been established to accommodate registration. For example, a learner that has not achieved a prescribed matriculation or senior certificate high-school qualification may not be allowed to register as student for a Bachelor Degree at university level. In this case the learner may be complete a Foundation Diploma (Bachelor in Business Administration) (FDip.BBA) which has been developed exclusively to provide access to the EduCatis Graduate Programme at Bachelor degree level and an opportunity to access the UK-university system. 

What is the approach with regard to the issuing of certificates? 
Student details will be registered on the EduCatis Online Learner Management System (EOLMS), allowing for effective reporting and data capturing of the student’s academic record. EduCatis will issue a certificate of compliance (Cert.Skill, Dip.Man, HDip.Man, GDip.Man and PGDip.Man) upon successful completion of the respective module, provided that the student has reach a sub-minimum of 60% for each specific al module that makes up the relevant academic programme. Completion of all of the prescribed Bachelor and/or Masters degree modules will lead to the awarding of a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) or Masters in Business Administration (MBA) by the selected regulated award or university institution. A Statement of Result (SOR) will be issued upon request and will be subject to internal faculty or external institutional moderation. EduCatis will endeavor to issue certificates within one month from the date the student submits his/her final assessment or online evaluation. In the case of a student losing his/her certificate, EduCatis will re-issue another certificate at an additional fee. An affidavit stating that the original certificate has been lost, misplaced, damaged or stolen must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths, with proof of payment before the request will be attended to. The student’s Certificate or Academic Record may be withheld in the event of any disciplinary matter pending against the student or in the case of outstanding academic fees.